How to design the gaming space for cyber cafe, gaming centers

You can find many answers about the question of how to design cyber cafe Gaming Space. While you are building your cyber cafe, then you should know a number of things such as which space are going to be gaming space. Now you might wonder exactly how you go about designing this space to make it fun. You do not have to overwhelm by this job. In fact, there are a lot of options obtainable now to make your cyber cafe gaming space the favorite region.

We do not like it while people change; though, while it comes to change the design of our cyber cafes, then we feel good for it. At the similar time, we desire to make sure there’s not a lot of expense in doing so. A do it yourself designing allows you to modify as well as tailor your cyber cafe, villa, apartment, or even single space as per your needs as well as convenience. All you require is time. You are able to remodel on budget without opting for complete refurbishment. Do not worry if you are beginner, since you can do it easily. As well as in case you are good reader, then you might find something interesting to take up.

The 1st thing to do while planning your gaming space is to choose on theme. In case you have a beloved team, then you might want to center your space on that theme. Or you might just want to plan space founded on a certain sport. Also you can select a generic gaming theme, focusing on diverse gaming which your friends love to play. The best thing about designing a gaming space is you can make it as fun as well as pleasure as you want.

When you select a theme, then you might want to select accessories which will accent the theme. In case your space is centered on foot-ball, then you can insert oval rugs to space which look like football. Also there are lamps as well as wall hangings which can accent the theme. If you desire a space which is centered on pool table, then you are able to accessorize with billiard ball around space. Black rugs might work well with this theme.

While you are designing gaming space for cyber cafe, you might want to look at furniture you’re placing in there. If you are going to be spending a lot of time watching sports on TV, then you might want to look at couches as well as recliners which will make the space a comfortable region to spend time. In case your gaming space is simply going to be region to play gaming, then you might desire to have chairs as well as table’s set-up to make gaming playing easier to do. Furniture you insert to your gaming space will determine how frequently people desire to hang out in there.

Lastly, while you are designing your space, you are absolutely going to be put best things in there. In case you’ve pool table, then you might not have much space for anything else. Also this might be good region to put your board gaming as well as video gaming; however it is up to you. All space has a diverse purpose, so you have to design it to suit your needs. Gaming spaces are meant to be fun gathering region in your cyber cafe. This is the best space to have enjoy with the design as well as add a little of everyone’s designing tastes. The most vital thing in designing is that this space is to not to go crazy with designing. Keep well designer to a minimum as well as focus on your theme.

Pushing furniture to edge will in no way create space. While you utilize the entire region as well as fit in small furnishings all around region they will define region more accurately. Make utilize of boxes, baskets, as well as mirrors to give more spacious feel. Leave the window open for several minutes as well as it will heat up interiors. Your air conditioner is made to job overtime, leaving more irritated as well as annoyed. Beat which heat as well as save energy bills by installing window awning. They come in different sizes as well as colour and are made-up of weatherproof fabrics. They’ll aid stop harsh sunlight from entering as well as you will surely be more at peace. If you have villa you can add small balcony to relax. It may be an open air extension of living space. Thus, you can simply turn abandoned corner in a region of retreat. Just add curtain rod, swing, rug, some cushions and couple of stools as well as chairs in space.


Tips to purchase Right down Comforters

A Best down comforters are required for peoples who live in cold region. The down Comforters bedding products are obtainable in broad range of colors, sizes, weights. Down is very small weight in nature makes it very comfortable as well as one of the most accepted fills for comforter of blankets. There’re more than a few tips given that you might find helpful before you can buy down comforter.

In common, the best down comforter is classified in two groups for example the baffle box building in addition to sewn during stitching. The price of getting sewn during stitching is lesser in compared with baffle box style. You ought to know the particular features of different comforters as well as assess them according to your needs; you can get additional information about Best down Comforter by click here.

While comforter cleaned as well as washed, a little of down get the space. The fill rating of extremely expensive down may be over 700 cubic inches, as lesser class down will closer to 300. The usual down comforter might have rating 500 or more. Typically a down comforter will label for its filled power. In fact this rating involves the fineness of down itself. The grater rating, the fluffier comforter as well as the additional warm will be provided.

The top quality down comforters are made by using baffles to surround the section of down in the comforter so that down will not move from one side to another. There are many kinds of down comforters available in the bazaar. It will be better for you to use more money to get yourself a high quality one so that you can use it for long term.

At first, you require to be aware of sleeping habits. A number of peoples are comfortable sleeping with light layer of comforter cover them whereas others peoples use more than a few layers of comforters or turn-up high electric blankets. Down comforter and blanket come in different fills as well as weight so one must have rough thought of what will offer the most relaxed sleep. For example one would perhaps not purchase heavy comforter if she or he lives in tropics.

The 2nd tip that will assist you is to calculate your bed. Carefully take measurement of your bed in addition to then search for comforter that will be closest to fit your bed. For instance if one own California king bed, most likely king size comforters may not be long sufficient. Also you should not purchase comforter that fit precisely because it is more fashionable and perhaps helpful to purchase comforter that drop down to side of bed.

One more thing you will need to understand is to fill power down Comforters. Actually fill power is term which is used to explain the excellence of down comforter. The upper power of fills the larger as well as stronger the cluster of down. A Large down clusters proffer better insulation as well as are stronger than fragile cluster. So in order for one to obtain the suitable warm for his or her wants, you should contrast the fill power which various manufacturers propose.

Also you should consider the budget during buying best down Comforters. The mainly luxurious down comforter and blanket are constructed from pure as well as white hypo-allergenic down from gooses. If you are working with limited budget, then you can find a down comforter with less down or lower grade or even one that join down with other materials for example feathers. You might discover these to be sensibly price and therefore buy them.

The aim of down comforters in common is to create the user warmth particularly through sleep but also they can serve as mattress pad. Usually they are big and have rectangular form. Normally individuals use comforter with bed sheet set.

If you live in climate that is cold coldness, then down comforter set is big way to warm body in very cold nights. Although, lots of people have been led to think that as they buy down, then it is made completely of feather, but this is not right. In fact down made from soft bunches which are under feathers of geese, duck or waterfowl. The feathers that stay in down comforter produces warmth as well as hot due to a great insulator.


Ways to make old items to be new

There are many household items which can be used for a long time but time over time they can not keep the quality as the first day of using. Some of them can be wear out, some can be broken or getting older and older. In order to make your household stuffs to be shining, you should collect all of them. After that, you have to arrange and sort out things because each thing will have its own method for cleaning.

Therefore, if you know how to do you can still make them brand new. Following tips can help you to make things newer:

  • For clothes which are worn out or there are some blur marks in the clothes: boil a potato, peel the cover, leave it until it is cool then scrub into the blur marks. Then you rewash by cold water, hang it in the cool and windy place.
  • If you want your clothes to have a brand new look, you can wash them with hot water with vinegar.
  • The pot can become dark after long time of cooking, you should mix water with vinegar then you pour the liquid into the pot. Make it boil to 100 degree, then the dark dirt will go out.

  • The pots and pans having dirt inside can be cleaned by crushing some salt then leave it for several hours. After that, re clean by cold water.
  • To avoid the glass items to be broken when pouring hot water, when you just buy them, you should dip all of them into the salty liquid then boil. You leave it until they are dry, then take it out and re-clean by cold water.
  • You have to dip the new cloth or colorful clothes into the liquid of salty water. It will help to keep the color of the clothes.
  • Wet shoes can be harder so you have to use a piece of potato to scrub into the cover of the shoes, then you polish with the shoes polishing liquid.
  • You have to apply candle into the iron incase the iron can get dirt during time of using.
  • If there is dirt in the wall, use the piece of cloth dipping with tea to clean the dirt.
  • If you want to keep the candle, you should put some salt under the bottom of the candle holder.
  • Important papers such as contracts, invoices or money and so on, in order not be fired, should be kept in carton d’amiante substance then put in a tin or steel box.

  • If you want to make things made by plastic to be shining you can use the cotton bud dipping lemon juice, then clean and the items will be shining.
  • For the silver items, you can use the vinegar to clean with the towel. In a short time, the silver items will be clean.

You can apply these advice any time you would like to clean your household things.

Way to decorate lights in the eating room

Light is important for house, including both natural and artificial lights. An eating room with an eye catching, modern features will not be enough if you can not choose the appropriate set of lights and the suitable hanging position.

The light in the eating room is very important, it will affect to the looking and function of the eating room. It also is very meaningful to the enjoying of meal of the family. In addition, for simple and ordinary design and structure of the house there is only one place for eating. But for modern structure, there will be more space for the eating room so this will create favorable condition for the eating room. It also leads to the more careful in choosing the light system for the eating room.

Types of lighting system

Eating area is the place where the whole family will sit together or it is also the place for friends to meet, talk and discuss during the weekend. Therefore, the way to decorate the room includes also the lighting system to reflect the style of the owner in the most typical manner, you can use ranges of lights or hand-made lights or whatever you like but of course must be suitable for the space, landscape and can leave the great impression for others when coming and having good meals inside.

The market has now offered a lot of lamps with different materials and styles. The lamps with vignette can be a good choice for your family. If you can be talent enough, you can take use of unused bottle, bag or any other things to make yourself a hand-made lights which can more impresses your specialty.

Place for lighting system of eating room

Next, you have to identify the position to place the lights. Normally, people often hang the lights in the middle of the eating room so lighting can be focused on the center of the room. This also depends on the height of the ceiling and the arrangement of other furniture in the eating room. You have to be careful to avoid the light can be direct to the people sitting below so people will not feel uncomfortable.

And the more important thing is to adjust the lighting system so it will determine the number of lights which your eating room needs. If the room is too light, the eating room will lose its cozy feeling of the common altogether atmosphere. But if the room is too dark it will not be comfortable also, especially in the daily meals.

Therefore, the light will be very easily adjusted in the small eating room. For the larger room or having more furniture to be lightened, you need to place the lighting system in the center of the room or you can add some more additional lights to ensure enough lighting for the eating room. Or you can use some desk lamp to put in some suitable places in your eating room.

Is it good to use the heating lamp in the winter?

In the winter, you have to pay more attention to the health of the old and the children in your house. Many people have now used the heating devices in the winter. So how to use the heating device and which device is the best one? And is it good for health to use the heating lamp?

  1. Demand for the heating lamp

In the rural area, almost all the farmers use the coal cook for heating. However, this way of heating is very harmful because the poisonous CO and CO2 can create the burning and fire. So it is not advisable to use this kind of heating in the winter.

Currently, there are many kinds of heating devices such as heating fan, heating lamp and so on. They are different in price, style and originals.

  1. Benefit of the heating lamp

When we take a bath, our body will lose the balance of the body temperature so the risk of being cold is very high if the body does not come back to the average temperature. For the old people and children, risk of getting diseases on lung, cough is very high if the bathroom is not closed and wind can come inside. However, not all families can have the ability to equip a modern bathroom with the necessary heating devices. Knowing these lack and weakness, sellers have offered in the market portable and small heating devices in the bathroom.

The following features are very special of the heating lamp:

– Heating lamp with infrared light which can make the atmosphere warmer quickly and can save the electricity.

– No oxygen can be burnt so no CO, CO2 and other poison will be omitted.

– Heating lamp is very good for health because it will promote the blood circulation under the skin then improving the substance circulation in the body, especially for children. For the adult, it will help to reduce the process of skin aging.

– Will not make the skin dry after long time of using like other ordinary lamps.

– Ion technology will help to clean the air.

  1. Way to use the heating lamp

– Turn on when using. Heating lamp with infrared light can make the room warmer immediately without time to wait like other ordinary lamps. Therefore, when you take a bath you can turn on the heating light so it will not do any harm to user. And at the same time, it can save electricity or you can turn it on before 5-7 minutes before taking a bath.

– When you finish, you have to turn off, you should not use it for a long time to avoid fire and burning because the heating lamp with infrared light usually has the high capacity which can lead to any kinds of explosion. If you take a bath for a child, you should turn it on for several minutes before bathing. So you can ensure the safety for the children during the time of taking bath.

– You do not turn on the heating lamp for too long time. You should turn off when the temperature of the room is average. According to the hydro electricity experts, you should use the heating lamp for 45 minutes. If you would like to continue using you have to turn it off for 30 seconds then turn it on again. Heating lamp has high capacity and heating so if you use it for a long time it will create risk of being explode.

– Moreover, even though the heating lamp will not make the skin dry but if you use for a long time the infrared light can make your skin dry and broken. Using the heating lamp in the bath room in an appropriate time can help to maximize the benefit of the heating device as well as to save electricity.

  1. Selection of suitable heating device

– In the market, there are many heating devices for the bathroom, customers can have many choices which can be suitable for user’s demand. Among many others, heating lamp is the most popular. You should have to take care of the design, function and the warranty. Moreover, time over time there are many products which can maximize the benefit of the heating device. Before choosing the heating lamp for your bathroom, you should pay attention to the size of your bathroom.

– For the area of the room which is smaller than 4m2, you should equip the bathroom with 2 heating lamps. You can increase the number of lamps if the area of your bathroom is larger.

– You also have to pay attention to the types of the heating lamp in the bathroom:

  • For the small bathroom you have to equip the ceiling heating lamp because it will not make for any space in your bathroom. The heat will be omitted in the whole room and the cold temperature and air will not be inside the bathroom. The room will still be warm after you turn off it.
  • For the small room, you can equip some wall heating lamps. You can hang it into the wall and will not make for any space so it will give you the comfortable space.
  • In other case, you can use portable heating device. You can bring them and put into the dry place in your bathroom. You do not need to install it is very easy to use.

Ways to save electricity in the house

The fact is that there is not enough electricity for people life, electricity price can be increased in next time so many people interest in measures to save electricity for their family.

  1. Choosing electricity saving equipment

Electric equipment with new technology has more electricity saving ability than old electric equipment. When you choose rotation electricity equipment such as water pump, electric fan, washing machine and so on, you should choose engine which has many speed level. With lamp, you should use fluorescent lamp and compact lamp instead of using light bulb because it consumes electricity more over 3-4 times.

  1. Arranging reasonable and scientific electricity equipment

This way is a good idea in order to save electricity for your house. Such as water pump is put in a reasonable position will help your water tank have water faster. In your house, you should paint light color for your wall because you can take advantage of natural light to save a part of electric light.

  1. Adjusting habit which uses electric equipment in your family
  • - Refrigerator: You should limit to open your refrigerator in order to save electricity. Temperature inside your refrigerator should be set around 3 to 6 degrees C. With frozen mode you should set around -15 to -18 degrees C. If you set temperature in your refrigerator colder 10 degrees so you will spend more 25 percent electricity. You also should usually clear your refrigerator.
  • - Air-conditioner: You should adjust temperature of your air-conditioner over 20 degrees C. If you set temperature higher 10 degrees C so you will save 10 percent electricity. If you usually clean filter so you will save 5 to 7 percent electricity. If you put your air-conditioner far away from wall, you will save 20 to 25 percent electricity. You should shut down your air-conditioner when you go to outside more over one hour.
  • - Fan: You should adjust fan running in reasonable speed in order to save electricity because if you set your fan too fast you will spend more electricity. You must unplug remote after you using.

  • - Computer: If you set your screen computer too light or bold, you will spend more electricity. You should shut down your computer if you do not use within 15 minutes. You should pick electricity saving mode in your computer (Screen Save). It can protect your computer and decrease about 55 percent power consumption in pause time using your computer.
  • - Flat iron: You should not use iron when you turn on your air-conditioner or use to iron wet cloths. You should clear metal surface of the flat iron, it will help the flat iron activating more effect. After unplug you still can iron two cloths because temperature of flat iron decreases slowly.
  • - Washing machine: You just should use washing machine when you have enough clothes. You should not use hot water mode because it is spend more electricity. You should choose reasonable water level in order to wash your clothes. You should use reasonable mode matching with material of your clothes.

  • - Microwave: You should not turn on microwave in the room having the air-conditioner. You should not put the microwave near other electricity equipment because it will influence function of this electricity equipment.
  • - Television: You should not set screen in lightest mode, it will spend more electricity. You should not shut down the television by remote. You should shut down by pressing button in the television. You should not watch television when it connects with player. You should choose size of your television matching with your size of your house because big television will spend more electricity.

How to choose a suitable curtain

Nowadays, cloth curtain with the simple trend has been more widely used. Customers can themselves choose the kinds of cloth materials, decorating style and designing form which can be suitable for their room. The cloth curtain normally can create the feeling of softness and cozy for the room. The cloth curtain is not only the decoration items but also one thing of feing shui. According to feing shui, curtain is the thing which can bring happiness, fun and harmonized emotion and protecting feeling which makes the room more safe and closed.

Why do we need a curtain?

Curtain can make for a large area of the house so if you choose it properly in the house it can bring great effect to your house adding more beauty to the house. The following advice will help you to choose which will be the most suitable one for your room.

– In a house, curtain will account for a quite large area so it will create large block of color in your house so you must be very careful in choosing the color of the curtain.

– When you choose the curtain for the house, you have to understand which style your house will be, then you can choose the kinds of fabric and curtain design. You should not rely on the seller or designer. If your house follows the European style so you should choose 2 layer curtain, the stick to hang the curtain should be made of wood or steel with vignette. With the modern and simple house you should choose the curtain without floating vignette. You must be very careful because if you choose dying vignette it can help to reduce the mess of the curtain and other furniture in the house can be emphasized better. You should not decorate your house with the overstuffed characteristics. A plain curtain will be suitable with small house in lane. The stick to hang the curtain should be hidden to reduce the mess.

– The selection of the curtain also depends on the function of the room. For the living room, if the curtain allows the sun to come inside the house so the funny things will come to the house. But in the bedroom, curtain must prevent the sun to go inside. When designing the curtain, you have to pay attention to the performance of the curtain, meaning the beauty of the curtain from inside to outside and in vice versa. You should make the curtain matching with the house when you look the house in front of. But if the bedroom is in behind so you will be free to choose any other curtains depending on habit and age.

– You can add more factors to make the curtain a painting or decoration item. For example in the middle of the curtain can embroidery a tangle with pearl when the sun go inside it can create a wide range of light. You can create some holes in the curtains under the shape of the falling leaves so it can give you the very special picture with sunny light.

– In addition to the adjusting of the light for the room, curtain helps to keep the room warm in the winter, preventing the heat of the summer, dirt and noise from outside. Moreover, with suitable color and style, curtains can create for the room its own luxury and romantic atmosphere.  Therefore, many people have to admit that the beautiful curtain is not only a simple light preventer or tool to create separating space, it can also make the room more attractive, bring different feeling depending on the selection of the house owner.

– There are many kinds of curtain suitable for each season in a year. With some country there are clearly 2 seasons: rainy and dry seasons so they just need 2 types of curtains for the summer and the winter. The summer curtain can be used in the summer and the autumn while the winter curtain can be used in the winter and the spring.

– You can use curtain made of light metal, plastic, paper or other materials to decorate your house. However, the most popular curtain is cloth curtain because it has many advantages such as easy to clean and wash, easy to install, suitable for many kinds of furniture.

Material of the curtain

Fabric with shining and soft feature can bring the luxurious feeling for the house such as silk, velvet and so on. These kinds of fabric normally have plain color or dying vignette which is suitable with the living room. Other kinds of fabric such as brocade, canvas is more suitable with the special room because these kinds look very close to the nature because the surface is not clear and flat so you should be very careful when using these fabrics. In the playing room or bedroom of the children you can use fabric with colors to make room more vivid.

Color of the curtain

When you use the curtain for a certain room, you have to pay attention to the size of the room. If the window is large, a lot of sun can go inside you should choose curtain with dark color. If the room is small and there is limited light you should hang curtain with light color making the room brighter.

Colors which are suitable for many sizes of windows, doors and typical for the summer can be: blue, pink, brown or light green. These colors are also in line with ribbons or bows to insert in as decoration items. Or you can use other soft white cloth to make the 2 layer curtain with these kinds of colors. Curtain with many colors can not create the feeling of luxury.

You should not use the light color curtain for the winter as it can create the feeling of being cold. For the winter you should use colors such as: dark brown, chocolate, red, dark green and so on which will make your room closer and cozier.

Experience in using glass items in house

Items made of glass are used very popularly in house for cooking, storing food and so on. Moreover, items made of glass can be used to decorate house as decoration stuffs. After duration of being used, the glass items will normally get dirt and they can not be as shining as the first time of buying. Some colorful glass items can be worn out and easily to be broken.

Some experiences below are very helpful for you to keep your items made of glass to have a shining look as brand new one.

Increase the durability and capacity to stand for head of glass items

– When you buy glass items, you should boil the items, drop some salt then you have to boil until the water is hot enough then you have to keep it cool. Then you take the items out and re clean by hot water.

– This below method can help to increase the durability and capacity to stand for head of glass items (but you should not apply with colorful glass items because it can remove the color of cover of the items).


Make the items made of glass to be shining

You should follow the below steps:

– Mix bread powder with water, then thoroughly clean the cover of the glass items, leave it for 15 minutes then re clean with cool and soft piece of cloth. The glass item will be shining for several weeks.

– In order to make glass bowls, bottles and so on to be shining, bright and clean, you have to clean them with average hot water with lemon juice or vinegar then make it dry by cleaning with a soft towel.

– If the glass bottles are dirty, you can use the cover of the egg, lemon and vinegar by squeezing the egg cover (around 6 cover eggs) into the items you are going to clean, then you squeeze 2 lemons or half glass of vinegar. You have to dip items over night so the egg cover will dissolve into the mixed liquid of lemon juice and vinegar. After that you re-clean with hot water and place in it a dry place.

Clean the glass items

– Clean with hot water and soap, then make it dry by cleaning before storing.

– You should not clean the glass items in the washing machine because it will be easier to be broken.

– You should equip a cleaning stick for easy clean of inside the bottle.

–  If you want to lose the smell of the oil bottle or perfume vase you should pour into the bottle a weak coffee. After one hour, the smell will go out and the bottle will become very clean.

– You should not clean the glass items with vignette which is easy to wear out by the washing machine.

– With glass window or mirror, you can apply pieces of fresh potato when you can see some dirt of sweat, water and handprint. The surface of window and mirror will become shining immediately.

– For crystal, you need to pay more time in cleaning them, especially when the items have many holes and backlashes. You crush in the cover the brush teeth paste and then scrub it gently with a soft brush, then rewash with water and vinegar.

 Some cautions for glass items

– When placing the glass items, you have to choose the dry place or the plate to hold these things must have an open bottom.

– Do not use glass items to contain drinks such as tea, soft drink and so on for a long time because this will make your items to be worn out.

– Do not put them under high temperature without containing anything inside

– Do not put glass items in moisture place or wet cloth

– Do not clean them with cleaning piece made of steel

– If some broken tracks occur, you have to throw it away and buy a new one. You do not feel regret to throw them away because glass with the signal of being broken can be broken at any time which is very dangerous for user.

Tips for using the air-conditioner

Using the air-conditioner has become a common thing in every family. So you must know how to use your air-conditioner in the best way. You can try some tips below in order to have a fresh space in your house in the summer.

In hot days over 40 temperatures, using the air-conditioner which saves electricity is an optimal solution with many families. However, adjusting mode and temperature of the air-conditioner is not a simple thing. You must know way in order to save electricity and still ensure your health.

If you use the air-conditioner in open room, lie in your buffer or blanket so it is a waste and it can decrease life of your air-conditioner. You just need increase temperature up 1 degree which can save about 7 percent power consumption.

  1. First thing, you have to pay attention to arrange your air-conditioner. Depending on position, size and insulation of your room that you can choose the air-conditioner types. If you have a small house with size about 9 – 15 m2 so you can use the air-conditioner having power 9000 BTU/h. If you have a house with size about 15 – 20 m2, you can use the air-conditioner having power 12000 BTU/h. If you have a house with size about 20 – 30 m2, you can use the air-conditioner having power 24000 BTU/h.
  2. Choosing appropriate power also depends on people in the room, coverage of sunlight, insulation of the room, position and size of window. If the room has shade you should decrease 10 percent power. If the room has sunlight during all day, you should increase 10 percent power.
  3. You should decrease heat exchange with outside. If the room has heat exchange inside and outside, your air-conditioner will consume more electricity. Some tips below can decrease heat exchange of your air-conditioner.

– Glass door usually use to put in the room which has the air-conditioner. Many people think it is a good idea for insulation of their room. However, glass door do not match with every case. If sunlight shines into glass door so glass will become a “temperature trap”. It just absorbs temperature without exhausting. You have to pay attention to use the glass door in your room and your glass door should not tangent with sunlight.

– Dark color absorbs more temperature than light color so you should paint white wall in your room.

– You should hang curtain with light color in the window.

  1. Using reasonable the air-conditioner

– Adjusting reasonable temperature: If you adjust low temperature, your air-conditioner consumes more electricity. You should adjust temperature matching with health of each people. However, if temperature in the room is big difference compared with outside so that is not good for your health. In the summer, you should adjust temperature lower compared with environment about 10 degrees.

– Adjusting direction of wind. The air-conditioner has some ways to adjust direction of wind to the left, right, up or down. Because of influence of rotation of fan, almost tall he air-conditioners usually have trend blowing more cold air to the one side of the room. You should adjust direction blowing cold air into necessary area in your room such as bed, sofa and so on. Then you can adjust temperature in best level.
– You should usually clean your air-conditioner. Dirt will stick in you air-conditioner. They will make obstruction and make your air-conditioner slower cold. You should maintain your air-conditioner twice time each year. You should clear filter dust grid about once time each month. It is a very simple job. You can remove and clear it by brush and soap.

How to use lamps in the house


In the bedroom, you should choose lamp which have the function to adjust the lighting level. The number of the lamp in the bedroom should be from 1 or 6, these numbers can bring happiness for the couple according to feing shui.

For the normal bedroom, you can use the lamp with violet lighting. You should not hang the lamp in front of the head of the bed which will make you not easy to go to sleep and also create worry and tiredness. You should not use the lamp having the shape of the animal because the animal may have the stronger spirit than the individual so the atmosphere in the room will not be balanced. People live in that room may feel unsafe.


Reading room

The reading room is the place where people will focus on thinking and research so the light used in this room should be white or yellow. The numbers of lamps can be from 1 to 4.

You can use the lamp with green light which is considered as the color for creativity and promoting brain storming.

Eating room

Eating room is the place for eating and family getting altogether so the yellow light is more suitable and you should use round lamp.Moreover, you can hang paintings of fruit, vegetable and so on in the wall which will create the funny and comfortable feeling for the meal.You should not use crystal lamp or lamp with separating light because it will not do well to the health of your family members.


According to feing shui, cooking is the process of making raw and fresh food into ripe and eatable meal so there will be no living things in the kitchen. In order to make the kitchen more vivid you should use white color lamp with 1-3 lamps. In the kitchen, you should not use yellow light as this color will make the kitchen to be tired and boring.


Living room

Living room is the place representing for the relationship and harmonized relation of the family members so the colors in the living room must be cozy making the atmosphere closer and comfortable.

Normally, in the living room, people often hang the big decoration lamp in the middle of the living room. For this kind of lamp, yellow color is more suitable.

Remember to exchange the broken lamps in all room.